WAGS Outback, the interactive adventure travel doco.

WagsOutback began as an interactive adventure trip around Australia on my adventure motorbike. The intent was to produce video clips on well known and almost unknown regions of my homeland. Not only motor bikers but also nature lovers and travelers would value the multimedia stories.

Since I would do all the filming and photography myself, I equipped the Honda Africa Twin with action cams, along with a professional high quality Camera for great nature shots …. and my drone, to show you the destinations from the perspective of an eagles eye.

Partway into this adventure, I had an accident. A beautiful accident. I randomly met my partner Debbie on her holiday in Northwest Australia, where the red desert meets the blue reef.

As Deb was living and working in Victoria, I traveled to her coastal home town and spent a cold winter there, taking advantage of the unspoilt Otways region to produce more footage on my adventure bike.

I also produced a relaxation movie and DVD, taking in the entire Great Ocean Road .

After much contemplation, Deb decided to swap her corporate high-heels for shorts-and-thongs, and came to live on the family farm while I finished up a season of crop seeding. During that time we made plans for the continuation of WagsOutback, which now also incorporates our 4WD Isuzu MUX, a slightly bigger tent, and of course more camera gear. It’s also quite handy having a second person to help with the video.

Despite this brief hiatus, the intent of WagsOutback remains unchanged. We’re both passionate about visiting and showing-off our beautiful homeland, Australia, via videos and photos. And so the journey continues, and we invite you to experience this with us. Whether you’re into motorbikes, traveling, or Australian nature, you’ll enjoy our storytelling.

Follow us around.

If you´re an Australian, overseas tourist, or even a Road Train Driver with good experience traveling Australia, you may know of some interesting locations, people or an interesting business to check out. Even if I have to make a big side step from my route, if you give me a good reason as to why it's worth a visit to you, I may knock on your door one day.

If you're a motorcyclist, there may be some nice opportunities for us to ride together and to show me some local nature tracks around your area.
Just send me a mail or better, reach me and post some nice pics on my facebook page.

Enjoy and let´s have fun together
Paul Wags & Deb

The Gear

All the equipment WagsOutback uses was self funded after much research and is best suited for the harsh remote outback Australian conditions.

Our Blog

Follow our adventure Videos and Blogs as we travel around undiscovered outback Australia ... camping, exploring and meeting interesting Aussies.

About WAGS

The Australian "Paul Wags" is an incorrigible adventurer from the heart. Born and educated in Perth, he grew up on a Farm in Western Australia's