Time For A Change

Selling up and unloading lots of your possessions can a refreshing kick start to your life. Was not long ago that I was on a mine site writing up my list of goals to achieve for the next 5 years. 6 Years later while packing up my beautiful house in Cairns - Far North Queensland that I had jsut sold, I found that list.

Buy house - move from Western Australia to Queensland - no job - so create a job - Experience Tropical Queensland - Sell house for a profit after 5 years, and that is exactly what I did. Now free, the next chapter is about to begin.

My love of motor bikes goes back many years and in the 90's traveled all over Australia on one and even done it via 4x4's.
This time I want to do it via as many dirt roads as I can on an Adventure bike and to capture it all with video.

One could easily buy a nice 4x4 and do it in comfort of the air conditioner, but motorbikes are way more adventurous, challenging and exciting.

I am now free to follow my passion of travel, motorbikes and creating videos of my travels around Australia via Land, Sea & Air to share to the world.

Thanks for taking the time to come to the site and I hope you enjoy the adventures with me as I take this amazing bike all over Outback Australia.
Paul Wags 2017

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