West To Outback Einasleigh With The BMW 1200’s

The old Copperfield Town Einasleigh lies on the Savannah Way. It is located about 366km inland from Cairns. The main Icon is the Coperfield Gorge with its deep cool chasms and quiet beaches.
From the geological point of view, it is interesting to see how lava flow is able to create a landscape. Once an industrial center because of the coperfields, today main Target for travelers are the Gorge and the heritage listed Einasleigh Hotel. Only something like 200 people live here now.

And the Savannahlander Tourist Train from Cairns maks his stopover here. Taking the sealed roads from Cairns it may sound not far but it's about a 6 hour drive due to all the mountains and traffic getting out of the Cairns area. Driving on the coast of Queensland is very busy with traffic and it's not until you get away from the coast do the roads open up and the traffic disappears.

There was no way I was going to ride ENZO the 366km on the boring sealed road out to Einasleigh, so I decided to head out to Dimbulah to Almaden from Mareeba then take the Gingerella Road down and out to Mount Surprise.

There I plan to meet up with my two friends, "Scott and Amanda" who would be on their BMW 1200 adventure bikes. Along the way I came across a stunning fresh water creek called Fossilbrook.

I just had to stop and to check it out and go for a swim. The water was crystal clear and easy to drink, I could of camped here no problems but I had to keep moving.

After my swim I jumped back on the bike and kept heading to Mount Surprise, stopping along the way trying out different camera angles on the bike, but the rough roads meant the camera was vibrating too much.

Not long and out of no where, the two BMW's caught up to me, they had taken the same dirt road as they too don't like the boring sealed roads.
We made it to Mount Surprise and stayed the night then the next morning we headed out and down to Einasleigh for a look and beers at the pub.
Flew the amazing Gorge there then Scott and Amanda had to head back home due to work the following day.

I stayed on and found an amazing spot beside the river all to myself. Next day I headed off to Obrian Creek for a look then found myself back at the Tate River where I camped.
There too I had it all to myself. 🙂

Anyhow, the video is here so best to sit back and enjoy the adventure instead of me writing it all up here.
Paul Wags 2017

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  1. Amanda

    What adventures our bikes can take us on. Loved seeing the massive flock of galas and the black cockatoos. The beautiful swimming locations and the colours and textures of the scenery. Simply awesome and always amazes me every twist and the that there is another challenge or cool thing to see. Can’t wait to get back off the black stuff and next time… maybe a tent, camp ?, good company, thirst quenchers and time to relax as well.

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