The Journey Aint Boring!

An Australian Outback Driving Lyric


The journey is BOring, the landscape SO bleak!

Our map reveals rivers. It’s water we seek..

.. please ! relief from the heat! Damn another dry creek 🙁


The road is a hue, white then brown.

Creates conversation as distance goes down.

Not much else to look at, we long for a town.

Ah … red-desert Roadhouse, you are sweet relief!

Some contact with humans, albeit so brief.

A burger to go (because hunger is chief) ..


.. we stop to enjoy it beneath the blue skies.

At once we are joined by a zillion flies,

increasing in number as seconds tick by. 

The trees appear blackened.

The landscape is charred.

The straight roads are endless; the distances far.

We’re ever so small in our tiny white car.

Horizon-eyes wide, at a dust cloud we peer;

mirage-like, it’s shimmering presence draws near.

Then life (!) as a truck from it’s dust-heart appears.

To minimize stone chips, we mutually slow,

and flick the "one-fingered salute" as we go.

A greeting?

A thankyou?

I’ll never quite know.

The dust cloud hangs briefly like mist in those trees.

Not mist! The gauge shows thirty seven degrees.

The cloud disappears with a tenuous breeze.

A spoon-drain hosts flowers, a colourful cape.

A yonder rock-dome casts a jut on the ‘scape.

A breakaway off to the left creates shape.

A bird swoops in sideways, it’s moving at pace.

My window’s down!


It just misses my face! 


Near’ bird f*ing plumage all over the place!


A curve in the road, and three Emus stand still.

We dive for the camera; take photos until

  the standoff is over! One loses its will,


and runs off the road, with it’s feathers a flap,

but not before doing a jolly good crap!

We snigger 🙂

There’s nothing quite like a good snap!

A Bungarra lizard ahead in the glare;

moves slowly and seems not to entertain care

of danger afoot with it’s road-crossing dare.

Stock grids roll underneath once in while.

Occasional sheep move in singular file.

Each Station asunder by hundreds of miles.



I feel rather humble and certainly meek.

This country is full of the peace that I seek

I do stand corrected.

NOT boring.

NOT bleak.

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